Your comprehensive television manifesto
Your comprehensive television manifesto

About She Watched

An online publication and TV blog concentrating on television, movies, streamed content, entertainment, celebrities, story analysis and media.
The She Watched TV blog offers a discerning look at how we are affected, moved and altered by the screen. Not just now but throughout history as well as tomorrow. Not to mention, really juicy and informative movie reviews.

She Watched is for you.

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It’s a comprehensive online publication that reviews, loves, discusses and praises television: commercial, streamed and on demand. But it’s not just television, it’s all the other good stuff in life; movies, reviews, celebrities, writing, screen, industry folk and more.

Do you consider yourself a television aficionado? Catch up with all the latest television news, musings, entertainment and celebrity insights, bio profiles on screenwriters and industry players plus articles to change your perspective and improve your watching  life.

Vanessa Jones

Professional writer, blogger and author. 

She Watched TV blog was created by writer and author, Vanessa Jones, known as Jones the Writer.

As a professional writer, Vanessa wanted to combine her skills with her greatest love… television. 

In addition to being a professional writer, Vanessa is also a creative writer having studied creative writing and philosophy at university as well as an Advanced Diploma of Professional Writing at TAFE. Not to mention the countless professional development opportunities and masterclasses with international authors during her five years working at SA Writers Centre. You’ll notice this academic view of storytelling poke through the blog so you can discover the fulcrum of what you see on the screen. 

She Watched will bring you a whole new perspective on television and movies and help you decide what to watch.