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Bonding TV series

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Bonding is loosely based on real life experiences. This original web series details the life of a moonlighting dominatrix and her gay best friend, who becomes her assistant. It was created by Rightor Doyle who has previously worked as a bodyguard for a dominatrix. 

bonding tv series

Mistress May, the protagonist, who is played by Zoe Levin, is inspiring. She takes absolutely no shit from men both in her personal and professional life. Of course, this poses problems when men genuinely want to get close to her and ends up costing her relationships. 

The characters are rich and well rounded and experience rapid transformation and development, which is faster than most modern TV series. What’s most interesting is that the episodes are significantly shorter than most shows. Which is quite a feat to represent such fast transformation within the characters. 

There are very cute and enviable dynamics between the entire character set, which will appeal to a millennial audience. There is something completely magical and unique about all the supporting cast who actually pull focus a bit, in particular D’Arcy Carden, which you will know as being Janet from The Good Place.

bonding tv series on netflix
Zoe Levin in Bonding

Albeit an inaccurate and glamorous portrayal of sex work, this show is not so much about sex or sex work. This show is about human relationships.

I cannot wait for season two of Bonding, which is speculated to be released late in the year. Hopefully. 

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