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Pine Gap TV series

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Honestly, I have an unconscious aversion to Australian drama. But I need to GTF over it because shows like Pine Gap and Glitch keep proving me wrong.

pine gap tv series
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Pine Gap is an ABC created drama that speculates on the intelligence facility of the same name based in Alice Springs. Every single character is highly suspicious so you’re ever really sure who to trust or believe (as the audience) neither are any of the characters. Which is sad and disturbing as most of them claim to be one another’s friend and more than a few are in romantic relationships. 

My favourite thing about the Pine Gap TV series was the diverse, inclusive and interesting cast with a blend of American and Australian actors. Some of the standout actors are:

  • Parker Sawyers
  • Kelton Pell
  • Mark Leonard Winter (my absolute favourite in this show)
  • Jacqueline McKenzie 

It will keep you guessing the entire series because the entire ensemble is chary. And it highlights that human nature extorts bad behaviour and shitty choices for survival. It will also pose the question (conspiracy theory?) about what really goes on at the facility in real life. 

The ending was not entirely satisfying EXCEPT EXCEPT EXCEPT the very, very last fucking scene which I didn’t see coming and had me gobsmacked.